Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The End of the Autumn of Break-Ups

   Don't you hate it when really really attractive people are really really stupid? It makes it so hard to break up with them. If only we all had Barney Stinson as a friend to swoop in and break up with our stupid boyfriends for us! On Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother, we finally saw the last break-up of the 'Autumn of Break-ups'. After Nick suffered a basketball injury that prevented him from having sex for a few days, he and Robin started having some real issues in the relationship. Well, more like Robin realized that Nick is stupid and is only good at sex while Nick didn't realize anything was wrong at all. Hence, the difficult break-up. After multiple tries of every break-up cliché Robin could think of, she performed the ultimate cliché of taking Nick to 'Splitsville', the hippest break-up place in the city which also serves banana splits. Robin has the whole gang on speaker phone while trying to break-up with Nick (due to a time limit that Barney had given her, otherwise something terrible would happen) when he starts to explain that, while he can't play basketball for the rest of the season, they can have sex again. Her judgement clouded with lust, Robin becomes unable to break-up with him. And that's where Barney comes in. He shows up declaring his love for Robin (which we all know has been there forever) causing the inevitable break-up to finally happen. But Nick ends up okay. I mean, taking two beautiful women who have also just been dumped back to your apartment is ending up okay, right?Of course, after leaving, Barney denies the whole thing to Robin, but she knows, just like the rest of us, it was anything but a lie. Click here to watch a video of the speech (real or not, I would take Neil Patrick Harris saying these things about me any day!)

  I want to be sad for Robin about the break-up but this whole ordeal allowed us to get one step closer to her wedding with Barney! And that just makes me way too excited to feel bad for her. Sources say there is one more step left in the Robin-Barney-Ted love triangle, which is just annoying, Ted seriously needs to get over her, but then Robin and Barney are free to be together forever! And the side story of the episode: Ted, while a great architect, sucks at basketball. A lot. Marshall and Lily really need to get some time to themselves so that Marshall stops over-exercising and Lily stops turning boring situations into dirty ones involving a Danish slut named Nadia, which just makes everyone uncomfortable. Actually, Marshall can keep working out to relieve his stress, I miss his younger, thinner days. Plus watching him do pull-ups with little Marvin strapped to his chest or push-ups with Barney sitting on his back is pretty legendary.

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