Monday, November 26, 2012

Girl Meets World, aka Sequel to the Best Show in the World

   We all remember the reunion episode: Feeny was retiring, Cory and Topanga were wonderful parents to a baby girl, Shawn and Angela were great writers and who kept missing their chances to be together, Jack was a successful business man, and Eric...well Eric married a moose. But what if we got to see some of that story actually play out? Disney has signed a deal with Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs for a spinoff, Girl Meets World, following Cory and Topanga (reported to still be played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel) as parents raising their young teenage daughter. Now for me personally, this is the best thing to happen to television since Nickelodeon started airing reruns of their best 90's shows at night. The biggest reason I want this to happen is not only because Boy Meets World was hands down the best show on television from 1993 to 2000, but because kids these days don't have a show like this! Everything on TV today for kids is about 11 year-olds who can sing and dance, or are ninjas, and go to an unrealistic school for such talents. This show would allow children to watch realistic life situations in a not too dramatic way, but without being cheesy. I mean, these kids need to hear advice from Mr. Feeny! There is no one who couldn't benefit from a fence-side chat with the famous teacher.

   While the 90's are gone, this project can bring back some of the magic from TGIF, as long as the proper protocols are followed: Uncle Eric teaches his niche the Feeny call, Shawn comes back regularly, and Mr. Feeny has come out of retirement to teach the newest addition to the Matthew's family until she herself is out of college.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, TV Line
Images courtesy of: DTV USA Forum, FanPop, ScreenRant

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