Sunday, March 26, 2017

Budding Prospects - An Amazon Pilot

March Madness has started so my TV mostly consists of basketball games right now, but the other day, I made some time to check out a new Amazon pilot, Budding Prospects. Now, I love Amazon Pilot Season because you can go on and everyone can watch their pilots (even without a Prime account) and then review them so Amazon knows which ones people like! It is a wonderful way to watch and interact with TV so I suggest you go check out all of their shows.
I first found out about Budding Prospects because I follow one of it's stars, Adam Rose (@realadamrose), on pretty much every social media format. Sidenote: go follow him on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, you won't regret it. Anyways, I knew Adam from watching Supernatural so I was thrilled when he started promoting his new show! And then I saw the other two main stars and I got even more excited. Rose (Veronica Mars) is joined by Joel David Moore (Dodgeball, Bones) and Will Sasso (MADtv, The Three Stooges).

(From left to right) Moore, Rose, and Sasso 

"I guess we're all just freaks when you scratch the surface."

This is my favorite line from the show. This line is what makes this show relatable. Not everyone lived in the 80's, not everyone has lived in San Francisco, and not everyone has smoked pot. But everyone has felt like a freak at some point in their life. And this show makes sure you know that it's okay.

Set in San Francisco in 1983, Budding Prospects centers around Felix (Rose), Phil (Moore), and Gesh (Sasso), three friends who are no strangers to the wonders of marijuana. After becoming completely fed up with his bartending job, Felix quits in the middle of his shift, leaving his oldest patron, Celia, in charge. Felix wanders around the city with Phil for the rest of the day as he puts up flyers for his robotic pyrotechnics show that night. Realizing he needs money, Felix tries to get in with an old dealer of his, Vogelsein (played by Brett Gelman), but is left without a real answer. In the middle of the night, Vogelsein comes to see Felix with a much better business proposition--tending the land on his new pot farm. Vogelsein explains to Felix how he has bought a ton of land out in the country from which he will be running a "summer camp". Vogelsein has partnered with a botanist who will actually worry about the planting and growing of the pot but he needs Felix and two others to live in the cabin on the land and help with the labor of farming it. Felix asks Phil what he thinks and Phil has to convince Felix to say yes. They decide to get Gesh to join them and the three set off for the cabin. On the ride up, the guys talk about what they'll do with their share of the money. My favorite part is when Felix turns down the idea of investing in computers and instead, says he will invest in Troll dolls. Because surely, that will make him so much more money than pot and computers combined.The last shot is the three friends driving, getting high, and Felix's mattress flies off the roof of the car. The only ones that notice, however, are the nearby cops, who then start to follow the guys up to the cabin...

Will they get caught? Who knows, that's why we need more episodes! The plot line is only half the reason this show is amazing. The characters (and furthermore, the actors) are the reason this show is going to continue. People love watching TV when they can relate to a character and I believe every single person will be able to see themselves in Felix. He doesn't have a lot in this world but he's trying to do what he can to get by. The bad part is, nothing seems to go his way. He's just quit his crappy job, his ex-wife is still sleeping on his couch, and he definitely isn't living up to his parents' expectations. So when the opportunity to make half a million dollars comes up he's excited but skeptical, just like anyone would be. Felix isn't a risk taker, but thank goodness his friends are. This experience will be good for him, and this show will be good for society. So go watch and review!

Budding Prospects on Amazon