Friday, November 30, 2012

How Not to Pick Up Women: The Ryan King Dating Story

   Matthew Perry is back home with another hit sitcom, Go On. NBC's new comedy tells the story of  widowed, sports radio talk show host, Ryan King (Perry) and his journey to recover, emotionally, from his wife's death. He is put into group therapy where he meets some strange people that, over time, he has grown to love. Well maybe not love, but he definitely likes them now. It's like Friends but instead of choosing to spend time together because they are actually friends, they have to be there because they're crazy. Made up of some familiar faces and some not-so familiar, this quirky cast has so wonderfully brought humor to the sad realities of life. It's perfect for everyone because you can either relate to the scenarios of the people in this group, you love sports and humor put together, or you just love Matthew Perry! Or maybe all three! Either way, click here and start watching it now because this is one show that will be around for a while.

   Tuesday night's episode brought us to Ryan feeling that he is ready to get back out there and try to start dating again. Every morning, he sees the same woman run past his house but can't say anything because, it turns out, he was never good at dating in the first place! As any normal widowed man would do, he recruits the help of his friend, Misty May-Treanor, to try and get comfortable around women. She lets him play volleyball with her and some of her friends and Ryan makes a complete fool of himself. He starts asking these grown women about Twilight and ends up throwing his back out. He goes over to Lauren's (the leader of the therapy group) house and without thinking, tries to kiss her while she is giving him advice. She is flattered and explains that it happens to everyone and points out her gifts from everyone else in the group when it happened to them. Her chiropractor boyfriend, Wyatt, laughs when Ryan feels guilty about trying to kiss Lauren. Of course Ryan tells him after he fixes his back. Wyatt understands that the 'saddies' (as he calls them) go through this and cling on to Lauren. While the show has definitely created some sexual tension between Ryan and Lauren, I'm not sure if the writers will ever take it in that direction. A part of me wants it but then the other part loves them staying exactly the way they are and Ryan finds someone else outside the group (hint hint bring back Lauren Graham!). In the end, Ryan realizes he is going to have to go very slow when it comes to dating again, but takes his first step by taking off running behind the girl who goes by his house every morning. How cute! And a little creepy if you think about it, but mostly cute!

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