Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Bro-down in the Courtroom

   On last night's How I Met Your Mother, Marshall had the biggest case of his career. Mostly because if he lost, his boss was going to fire him. And no one knew it would turn out the way it did. If you recall from last week, Brad (played by Joe Manganiello), a law school bro of Marshall's, returned and tricked Marshall into getting his strategy for his big upcoming case against a pharmaceutical company. Turned out Brad represented the company Marshall was suing. So not cool bro. This week we saw how the case went down. Ted, Lily, Robin and Barney all called in sick at work so they could go to court and support Marshall. Well, it was more like Ted called in for everyone and then told them about it afterwards. However Barney's massive hemorrhoids are definitely real. Anyways, in the midst of Marshall's trial, the gang gets caught up in reminiscing about the old days when they were all teenage bad-asses. Of course they're all lying but its fun to see 35 year-olds dress up as 16 year-old rebels! Turns out Barney was in a 'Magic Club', Robin was the nicest Canadian pop-star ever, and Ted was just a nerd. Lily might actually have been a badass who turned preppy, mama's-boy Jeff into failed-umpire Scooter (played by the beautiful and talented David Burtka--have I mentioned how much I love when he's on the show? The answer is a lot) but we'll never know since her rap sheet has apparently 'disappeared' from the system. But back to Marshall! He finds himself fighting a losing battle in court since the judge and the all-female jury falls in love with Brad. I mean who wouldn't? Joe Manganiello is gorgeous! Marshall might be telling the truth about Gruber Pharmaceutical polluting Frog Lake but Brad has all the right moves. Even Marshall's sick baby duckling couldn't hold the women's attention for more than a few minutes. Brad's sexy video of himself swimming in Frog Lake captured everyone's eyes, but luckily for Marshall, it also became Brad's downfall. Just when he thought there was nothing left, Marshall calls Brad to the stand as a witness and asks him to remove his shirt. While Brad objects, no one else does and the judge orders the shirt to be removed immediately. Once he opens the top few buttons, everyone sees the awful dermatitis that has broken out on his chest from swimming in Frog Lake, proving Marshall right. Marshall's firm was suing for $25 million, and while the jury found Gruber guilty, the judge only fined them $25,000. Marshall becomes distraught at the outcome but realizes he can't do anything about it. Later, he sees Brad at McLaren's. They make up and schedule a bro-brunch but their conversation about always fighting for the little guy gives Marshall an idea. So he goes in front of the New York State Judiciary Committee to ask for an appointment to a judgeship.

   This was such a great episode because we have never seen Marshall in court before, we only see him at the office. Especially with a show like this, which shows grown men and women who spend what looks to be about 15 hours of their day at a bar, it's always nice when they put a character in a real-life work situation. I also loved it because this was one of their morality story lines  Showing Marshall fighting for the little guy, doing everything he dreamed of doing, but then having him do what it takes to make even more of a difference in the world. Becoming a judge is going to be hard, and waiting around to see if he gets it will be difficult for him as a character and us as an audience! But I hope the writers make this story have a happy ending, because I think Marshall deserves it. Since we know the show is nearing its end, whether it's this season or the next, I want to see Marshall suited up in a judge's robe and throwing down some justice by the time we meet the mother. Besides, who else has better hope, vision, and integ than Marshall Eriksen?

   Side story: Barney and Robin had an intense moment last week but Robin stopped it before it went any further. They were awkward throughout the entire episode and in the end, Barney said he was done. He's done with trying to get Robin and they will just go back to the way things were, being friends and nothing more ever again. While we know that isn't true, it had never occurred to Robin that there could be something left between them. Until now. DUN DUN DUN! No but really that's how it ended.
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