Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anne Hathaway Hosts SNL

   I was right! The musical monologue returned and there was a Les Misérable sketch, but I did not guess that they would put the two together! To be honest though, I really should have. This past Saturday, Anne Hathaway hosted Saturday Night Live. Like I said, the monologue was Les Mis themed, since Hathaway plays Fantine in the latest movie setting of Victor Hugo's famous story (in theaters December 25th, 2012). The whole cast was involved with singing a song, set to the tune of 'One Day More', that was about how they spend their Sunday's since it is the only day the cast and crew don't work. Jason Sudeikis started by singing the part of Jean Valjean, Taran Killam and Cecily Strong were Marius and Cosette, Hathaway jumped in with the part of Eponine, and the rest of the cast followed. While their harmonies weren't quite perfect it was very enjoyable for someone who is looking forward to the movie! 

   The cold open was a slightly funny but mostly stupid look at how Mitt Romney acted after he lost the election. Jason Sudeikis played him standing on the balcony, sneaking drinks from a carton of milk while his wife, played by Kate McKinnon, and sons, all played by Taran Killam, tried to get him to stop sulking. Even after looking it up, I'm still not sure if the milk thing was because Mormon's don't drink milk or because that would be their alternative to alcohol (which I know they don't drink). Either way, the sketch went on far too long, especially with the joke that Romney couldn't tell the difference between his sons. Aidy Grant finally got a breakthrough with 'Girlfriends Talk Show' which featured her and Cecily Strong as BFF's and Hathaway as Strong's other BFF that Grant didn't know about. Grant was hilarious as the distraught friend who I know many girls could relate to. Then, there was Mokiki...Mokiki does the Sloppy Swish. Not only is the dance contagious, the tune is too! This week's short film had Kenan Thompson singing about the legend of Mokiki. Taran Killam played a...well let's just call it a mutant creature, that dressed in capri sweat pants, sandals, island shirts, and wore his long hair in a bun while dancing his dance. Hathaway falls in love with the Mokiki and she too becomes genetically mutated and they start a Sloppy Swish family. While it was extremely weird, I also found it to be really great and funny.

   There was a sketch about Homeland which was hilarious even though I've never seen the show but I have a feeling it would have come across even better if I had. The McDonald's sketch was nice just because the entire cast was in it and I love those sketches! Strong and Bobby Moynihan were two, ghetto-ish workers who decided to throw out insults and complaints about everyone they work with because they thought they were being fired. In end, they don't get fired, causing an awkward ending to a funny but long-running sketch. Weekend Update brought the return of one of my favorites, Drunk Uncle! Moynihan is just awesome as this character, "Spotify me, Spotify me." Seth Meyers talked to President Barack Obama (recently played by Jay Pharoah) and we got a look at what could possibly happen in real life: Obama doing things his way and not even listening to anyone. I don't want to make a political statement but that's just how it came across. While Pharoah's voice is much better than Fred Armisen's impression, I don't really care for his mannerisms. I'm pretty sure the POTUS doesn't dance around and move his shoulders that much. Kate McKinnon's portrayal of Ellen DeGeneres was sad. I love Ellen and if someone is going to impersonate her or 'make fun' of her, it better be a lot better than that. Hathaway's impression of Katie Holmes was good but overall the sketch wasn't great. The best impression of it was Vanessa Bayer and Nasim Pedrad as Sophie Grace and Rosie, two young British girls who have become famous guests of Ellen's. The American Gothic painting sketch was again, cute,  with Hathaway having to cross her eyes if she looked straight ahead but nothing too impressive. I would say the parody commercial that was played at the end should have been bumped up because it was one of the funniest things in the show but also having it at the end allowed the show to end on a high note. I wish Flaritin was real because I'm pretty sure their are people with fake allergies who just say 'I'm allergic' to things they just don't like.

Favorite joke: Bobby Moynihan as Drunk Uncle "Back when I was a kid, you couldn't vote unless you had suspenders-cane-monocle-top-hat-fancy."
Least Favorite joke: Kate McKinnon as Ellen

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