Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Girl - Who Would Win, Me vs. Gorilla?

   The answer is gorilla. The answer will always be gorilla. FOX's hit comedy New Girl, now in it's second season, has been a non-stop laughing fest and I'm sorry it has taken this long for me to get it on the blog! If you have been living under a rock and haven't seen the hilarity coming from this downtown L.A. apartment, I'll tell you what you're missing out on. Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) broke up with her boyfriend and moved into an apartment she found on Craigslist that, to her surprise, was occupied by 3 guys. Nevertheless she decided she wanted to move in with them and much to their hesitation, they let her. Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Nick (Jake Johnson), and Winston (Lamorne Morris) accepted Jess into their lives, along with her model-best-friend CeCe (Hannah Simone), which was no doubt one of the reasons she was allowed to move in with them, and I'm so glad they did. There are so many little details of the show I could explain but that would take too long. You just need to go buy the DVD of the first season and you can thank me later.

   On last night's episode 'Eggs', Jess and CeCe's O.B.G.Y.N. and her partner announce that they are pregnant and let it slip that by the age of 30, most women lose 90% of their eggs, but that there is a test you can take to let you know how much is left in you. Jess, of course, freaks out and decides to take the test, making CeCe take it as well. While waiting for the results, CeCe tries to calm Jess by saying everything will be fine and they both still have plenty of time to have kids if they want. The guys try to calm Jess another way--offering to get her pregnant and explaining why each of them would be the best person in the apartment to have a baby with. I probably would have jumped at that opportunity, mostly because I would jump Nick or Schmidt if they ever came near me, but Jess is smart and kindly turns them all down. At the end of the episode, Jess and CeCe go to get their test results and Jess finds that her levels are off the charts and she has more than enough time to have kids. CeCe, who wasn't even sure about kids in the first place, finds out that if she wants kids at all, it has to happen now, otherwise it will never happen. Seeing her boyfriend Robby's reaction to the question 'what do you think about kids' seems good at first but when he added "in 10 years or so", we all knew that the relationship would be ending soon. I like Robby but I want CeCe to get back together with Schmidt so I'd be fine if the relationship ended next week, but we'll have to wait and see. And since Schmidt realized he's in love with CeCe, after not being able to satisfy his crazy boss, I know he won't stop until he gets her back.

   Now onto the gorillas. Nick starts to hit his mid-life crisis a little early. Which now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Nick has been in his mid-life crisis throughout the entire series. Winston, who has found his dream job, but is also now on an adjusted sleeping schedule, starts to push Nick's buttons without even knowing it. Nick realizes he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life but he has always wanted to write a zombie novel so he decides he's going to do it. He thinks he needs to start living his life the way Ernest Hemingway did so that's what he sets out to do. It really becomes more of a procrastination technique and he ends up dragging Winston out of bed (getting him off his adjusted schedule) and they go to the zoo (hence the gorillas). Nick, claiming Hemingway did it, pulls out a flask and gets uncontrollably drunk. And if anyone remembers the last time Nick got this way, you know it made for wonderful sitcom television. After trying to release snakes on Winston, Nick gets some harsh reality thrown at him--he doesn't finish anything and he never will. To everyone's surprise, (but not the audience's) Nick actually sits down and writes his zombie novel and Winston is the first to read it. Of course it's horrible; it includes a word search that doesn't actually have words hidden in it. But he finished it and that leads to everyone in Nick's bed with Winston reading the awful novel 'Z For Zombie' to them in his deep, sexy voice. Nick may not be a writer, but now he can say he finished something. Personally, I think he should go back and do more water therapy with Tran.

New Girl airs Tuesday's at 9pm on FOX. Photos courtesy of FOX

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