Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Outcome to Effect SNL Cast?

I know I'm not the only one glad that the election is over. As much as I will miss the recorded phone calls 20 times a day and the ridiculous ads running 24/7, there is now a much more important issue facing our country: will Jason Sudeikis leave SNL? The social media world (well the part of that world that cares about comedy) is buzzing with this question. Without the character of Mitt Romney, people are questioning Sudeikis' motive to stay on the show. My own argument is "What about playing Joe Biden?!? We still have a VP that needs to be made fun of on a weekly basis!" Yes his contract is up and all we know is that he is guaranteed through January. But then what happens? While Lorne Michaels describes Sudeikis as "fiercely loyal to the show and to him" he could still easily leave mid-season. This is Sudeikis' 10th season working on the show (8th as a performer) so he has definitely run his course on the show but, as with every superstar cast member that has ever left, I can't imagine the show without him. Unfortunately for us but fortunately for Sudeikis, he will most likely leave in January to pursue his booming movie career (not unlike Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg last season). While we will miss his dancing in a red jumpsuit on "What's Up With That?" and his hilarious and exaggerated yet somehow uncanny impressions of Wolf Blizter, Mitt Romney, and Joe Biden, just to name a few, I know we will see him on the big screen, making sure we are laughing ourselves onto the floor.

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