Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Louie C.K. Hosts SNL

Can I just say how much I love when comedians host SNL? Yes it's impressive when dramatic actors can come in and kill it but when comedians are on, especially stand-up comedians, you know going into it that it is going to be awesome. Drawing away from the musical monologue (which I'm sure will return with this week's host Anne Hathaway--I'm also predicting a Les Mis sketch!), Louie C.K. was able to do his own stand up for his monologue and luckily for us, he's hilarious. The cold open of the sign language translators for Michael Bloomberg and Chris Christie during their Hurricane Sandy addresses just proved even more how Cecily Strong will be running this show in 2 years and how Nasim Pedrad is being way underused. The 'new' short films (not sure who is making them but whoever it is, you deserve a very large pizza party) are coming across wonderfully. Side note: I put new in quotes because if you know anything about SNL you know that they have had short films since 1975 but coming off of the Andy Samberg and Lonely Island reign of that part of the show, they are doing very well in replacing the Digital Shorts. Bruno Mars' 'Sad Mouse' and Louie's 'Lincoln' films have been the start of what I hope is a long run of awesomeness. And now, a message to the sketches Australian Screen Legends and whatever the Zod/horn thing was: stop. Clearly you do not have cast members who can do Australian accents, which I know with some things is part of the fun but for this, it wasn't. The only way Kate McKinnon could keep going was by making her eyes look like a Tarsier* (see photo at bottom for reference). And for the Nordic sketch (I have no idea what to call it), the only funny parts were when Louie brought the horn away from his mouth before the sound ended and when there was clearly an issue with the cue cards. If technical difficulties are the funniest part of a sketch, it should have died in dress. Alas, it was aired and hopefully they will never go back. Now back to the good parts! (If you sang that in Michael Bolton's voice from Lonely Island's 'Jack Sparrow', we are soul mates) Fox and Friends sketch! I will tell you that I am mostly Republican but trust me, I have problems with some of their views. Fox News is known for being more conservative and while I have never seen the actual show they are making fun of, I don't really want to because I feel like it would ruin the sketch for me. This is also one of the very few sketches I like Vanessa Bayer in. While they exaggerate "rationalizing" situations of Republican politicians (mostly Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) and making everything President Obama does and says seem like the worst possible thing ever. The best part is the end when they roll the 'corrections' from the first two hours of their news show. If you actually pause and read all of the corrections they list, you will be rolling on the floor. Weekend Update was filled with political satire and some new characters including one of my new favorites "The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party". While her title is too long, Cecily Strong portrays the annoying girl we all know who talks about nothing just to hear her own voice. But she does it so well that we love her! While I love Aidy Grant, she has a little work to do on her new southern bell social media expert character, Kourtney Barnes. It was funny, truly! But there was just something missing that made it memorable. Favorite joke: In the cold open, Cecily and Nasim as the sign language interpretors pushing their ears out as the sign for Obama.

 *Tarsier                     Kate McKinnon

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