Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blergh! or, A Love Letter to Tina Fey

   And yet again, the TV world is having to say goodbye to Tina Fey. But only until 2016 when her new show will be on and let's face it, no matter what it's about, we will all watch because it's Tina Fey. While I myself did not keep up with 30 Rock the way I had intended (currently on season 5 on Netflix), knowing the show was coming to an end still affected me. I knew what it meant to the people who had kept up with it and the people who, like me, see Tina Fey as the person they want to be when they grow up. While I could sit here for hours and gush out 'thank-you's' to Tina for being an empowering  and funny woman, for making me want to write and work in TV, and for inventing the word 'blergh', I honestly just don't have the time to say everything I want (no really, I'm writing this before work and I have to leave in like 30 mins!). Instead, I'm going to share with you this lovely article I found on one of my favorite sites HelloGiggles titled 'Thank You, Tina Fey'. I know Tina will be back, she has two movies coming out soon (Admissions, and The Muppets...Again!), but it will be sad when 30 Rock doesn't come up on my Thursday night listings. Until next time, Tina.

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