Wednesday, January 30, 2013


   If it's not obvious, this contains spoilers. With that said, OH MY GOSH! Am I the only person who keeps replaying the scene where Nick grabs Jess and kisses her with so much passion like nothing else in the world matters? If I had to guess, I would say no. If you are a huge New Girl fan like I am, you probably spent that scene alternating between screaming for joy and yelling at the tv that this better be happening and not be a dream. Ok well that may have just been me, but you have to understand how big this is! The relationship between Jess and Nick (even after just one season) has always been a tense
"will they or won't they" kind of relationship. Every show has that couple and many people think that once those two characters finally get together, the show will go downhill and is never as good as it was when the tension was there (my mother's example was Cheers with Sam and Diane). Personally, I love when those two characters get together, it's my favorite part, because now I'm finally watching a show where people are happy in their personal lives and just have drama in all the other aspects of their lives. Anyways, because people think that the two characters getting together can almost ruin a show, I was surprised at how early the writers brought this on. Now, we know that Nick and Jess can't be together immediately because Jess is dating Sam, and that would be too easy (I know I said I love them getting together but there has to be a little challenge after the first move!). Obviously, this is going to be an ongoing issue, the question of "were they just still drunk?" (I mean, they were playing True American), the hiding it from Schmidt, Winston, and especially Sam, and Nick probably pretending it never happened because that's what his character would do. I am truly excited to see where the story line goes with this. I mean, they finally put it out there, Nick and Jess have feelings for each other! I only request one thing within this story line: the return of 'drunk Nick'.

   As for the rest of the episode, the guys decide that it is time they start having sex again! Not with each other. Nick has obtained a woman's trench coat (he may or may not have stolen it from a package not addressed to him) that he feels gives him the confidence to go out and start meeting women again. Schmidt claims he is no longer attracted to himself (ew), and Winston, while the most normal of the three, just can't talk to women he wants to have sex with. When Jess offers to come along as "the world's best wing-woman", Nick is fast to shut it down. Claiming she is his "cooler", he explains that she causes women to no longer be attracted to him. While the guys go out, slightly sad Jess makes her evening more enjoyable by cleaning out her closet (with her trusty melon-head-Nick doll that she made) and running around the house without pants on, or walking around in a big box acting like a robot. After Jess has gone through a few crazy outfits, she hears scratching at the door and thinks there is a crazy person trying to get in. She sets up camp inside the apartment and calls everyone she can to help her, including Nick. Unfortunately, Nick's trench coat got the guys kicked out of the club so they end up at the bar as usual. Brooklyn Decker guest stars as Holly, a brunette beauty (Cue Schmidt!) who is turned on by sad, miserable guys who need her to make them feel better (Cue Nick!). Winston, who actually gets to her first, strikes out within 5 seconds and ends up talking to already-taken Daisy, played by guest star Brenda Song. Schmidt and Nick continue their competition to win over Holly, but when Schmidt realizes that he is losing her to Nick, he picks up Jess's phone call for Nick about someone trying to get into the apartment and forces him to take it. Everyone comes back to the apartment, including Daisy and Holly, to see what's wrong. Jess admits she may have been a cooler but then she suggets a solution: TRUE AMERICAN! with Clinton rules. Basically, stripping. The game comes down to Holly and Nick, and Schmidt and Jess. Jess has the idea to mix in a '7 minutes in heaven' type of situation to finish the game, trying to get Nick and Holly together. However, with Schmidt's manipulation, Nick and Jess get locked in the room instead. While they're locked in, Cece comes with her date to the loft to check on Jess but instead gets wrapped up in Schmidt's scheme to get Holly to sleep with him and ends up ruining her date. Nick and Jess are still trapped in the room and decide they'll just kiss and get it over with. Nope! Jess can't do it. Then Sam comes in, again to check on Jess, but instead of helping her and Nick get out of the room, he gets caught up in the game and chants them on with everyone else to kiss. Once again, they decide to just go for it and get out but Nick reveals he can't kiss her, "not like this!" Jess questions what that means and in response, Nick goes out the window on to the ledge and tries to get in to the living room through the other window, but everyone else takes it as a threat of jumping off the ledge. Enter awkward discussion.

   In the end, Schmidt got Holly, Winston found out Daisy was single and was still able to talk to her, kind of, and Nick and Jess went their separate ways. Well, just into their rooms. The scratching comes back in the middle of the night. Even though Sam is in her bed, Jess calls on Nick to help her. He gets out of bed, wearing the trench coat over his pajamas. Turns out, it was just a dog. And the owner of the dog see's her trench coat on Nick. He returns the coat and Nick and Jess slowly walk back to their rooms, talking about how the coat gave him confidence and he liked who he was when he wore it (you know, for that whole day). And then, it happens: Jess says goodnight, turns around to her bedroom door, and bam! Nick grabs her arm and pulls her into him and they kiss! I don't mean a short, sweet kiss, I mean THEY KISS like their lives depend on it! He tells her that's what he meant back when they were locked in the room. Jess, speechless, just stares at him in awe. Of course, Sam comes out right after Nick has gone back into his room and asks Jess if he can throw her melon-head-Nick doll out of her room because it's creepy. NO SAM DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED WHY CAN'T YOU GO AWAY?!?! (I may have overreacted) Ok, well, the doll is a little creepy but that's not the point! Now I just want to see the rest of the season! I have so many questions! Where is this going? How will the writers make this work? Will Brenda Song be crazy like in 'The Social Network'? Will Schmidt learn the difference between English accents and American accents? Only time will tell. For now, thank you God for DVR so I can watch this magical scene as much as I want.

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