Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why I Hate the Industry I Love

   I am starting to lose faith in the entertainment industry. More specifically, the TV industry. It bothers me! BOTHERED! (shout out Jimmy Fallon/Robert Pattinson) Why are good shows being cancelled? And more importantly, why are really bad shows that should never have been created still on the air and getting their own spin-offs? That's right reality tv, I'm talking about you. Every year, someone's new favorite show gets cancelled. Last year for me, it was The Finder, a Bones spin-off that was centered around the brilliant character, Walter, played by the gorgeous Geoff Stults. Now yes, it just so happens that the show wouldn't have gone on much longer after the start of a second season because other leading man Michael Clarke Duncan died last September. But that's not the point! The point is that it should have been given a chance! This Fall, it was CBS's new comedy Partners. They filmed 13 episodes, 4 were aired, and it was pulled. Like wiped from the face of the planet. It even lost it's nomination for a People's Choice Award! I'm sorry but if a show is nominated for a PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD, don't you think that means people like it? Maybe that's just me. Just as I was getting over that, FOX pulls one of it's new comedies Ben and Kate and ABC pulls Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23 which was in the middle of it's 2nd season. Yes, NBC also pulled new sitcom Animal Practice but that should have been pulled after we saw the previews, so no love lost there. To the major networks I ask, what is going on with you??? I understand all the stuff about ratings and advertisers but don't adverts know that no one watches commercials now? We all watch on DVR and skip over them so I think if you're still getting a few million views, you're doing a good job. And remember, people watch online, and on hulu, and after the season is over on Netflix. If I could get 100 people to just look at my blog, I would scream with joy, so why are you so disgusted when only 3 million people watched your show live?  You executives are ridiculous. So instead of keeping good comedy, or good drama (that is fully scripted and fictional) on the air, we have "reality" tv. Survivor? Needs to go. American Idol? Yeah it's run it's course (side note, who decided Nikki Minaj was qualified to judge people's singing ability?). Celebrity Apprentice or really, anything with the word 'celebrity' in the title, get off the air! And this is just major networks, don't even get me started on Honey Boo Boo. Does anyone remember when TLC had really good shows about real people that weren't full of drama and children wearing more make-up than a drag queen? Or when MTV and VH1 played music or even just talked about music? Our society has succumbed to the evil that is scripted reality tv and we are celebrating it. This is what is wrong with children these days! Don't shelter them from the horrors on the news, shelter them from Snooki's face. These children are growing up in a world that makes them think if they dress like a slut, or act like a jerk and say whatever is on their mind, or get pregnant at 16, they can be on a TV show and never worry about life. This is not the message our society should be sending out. Kids should know they can be whatever they want when they grow up, but they should also know that they should do what they want with dignity and pride.

  In conclusion, just give these good shows a chance. Let shows finish out a full season, really evaluate every show in your line-up and think long and hard about who is enjoying this show, and think about if these shows reflect views you want associated with your company. Also, if NBC cancels 1600 Penn or Do No Harm before they have finished their first season, I will personally march up to the NBC president and slap him.

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