Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How I Met Your Mother - P.S. I Love You

   Since I last blogged about HIMYM, lots has happened! Barney and Robin are engaged, we know that Ted meets the mother at their wedding because she is the bass player in their wedding band (thanks to a run-in with guest star Rachel Bilson as Cindy, the mother's old roommate), and HIMYM is officially being brought back for a 9th and final season! The only downside to that is now we have to wait a whole other season to see Barney and Robin get married. But I'll live. Maybe.

   This week we saw the return of, and I quote, "ROBIN SPARKLES 4 Y'ALL!!!!". It was pretty exciting. Except it was not Robin Sparkles! I'll explain, but first, let's talk about Ted. Abby Elliot (yay!) guest stars as Jeanette, who we also now know is the last person Ted really dates before meeting the mother. Jeanette seems a little stalkerish, but let's face it, with Facebook these days who isn't a little bit of a stalker? She's mostly charming so Ted let's the slightly creepy part of her slide. Turns out, she just gets more and more creepy. (In my best annoying valley girl voice) "This is embarrassing, I wasn't going to tell you, but..." what Ted thinks is destiny, is actually a girl who has been stalking him for almost 2 years and "couldn't stand the idea of not meeting him". For those of you who are trying to stalk someone and Facebook just isn't doing the trick, I'll tell you how Jeanette found Ted (FYI, this is not an endorsement to go stalk people). She first saw him on the cover of a magazine (about 2 years ago). Our story picks up when she follows him to a bookstore, buys the same book as him, follows him onto the subway, and sits across from him reading the same book. I should point out that after this encounter on the subway, Ted becomes a littles stalkerish too, but it is quickly squashed by Marshall and Lily. But then destiny intervenes! Well, I guess it could be destiny, if you think destiny is calling up the local university, asking who the youngest professor is, starting a fire in the lobby of the building his class is in and then waiting outside until he comes out because of the fire alarm going off. So yeah, destiny! Ted's eyes are finally opened to the insanity in this girl's mind, but alas, he is a man, and she is a pretty woman who likes him. If you didn't catch that, the answer is yes, they have sex.

   Now, for Robin Sparkles! Or should I say, Robin Daggers. Oh that's right, like all good Canadian pop stars, Robin had a dark side. Also like all good Canadian pop stars, her dark side is a polite girl with a black wig. With all the talk of Ted's charming stalker, it comes up that Robin stalked someone back in Canada. Determined as always, Barney flies to Canada and interviews all of Robin's old boyfriends, including recurring guest star James Van Der Beek as Simon, to find out who she was obsessed with. Simon tells Barney about Robin's Underneath the Tunes video (ha, Canada is so funny...) and we see a plethora of famous Canadian men (and k.d. lang) who all talk about Robin's change from Robin Sparkles to Robin Daggers with her grunge hit 'P.S. I Love You' which was written about the man she was obsessed with. No one knew who it was! Do you wanna guess? Here, I'll give you some options: Alex Trebek, Alan Thicke, Paul Shaffer, Dave Coulier, are you starting to question Robin's standards? Me too. Maybe we'll never know who Robin was obsessed with. That's a lie, of course we will! I mean, Barney gets pummeled by Alan Thicke trying to find out who. I don't want you to go through the same pain so I'll just tell you. It was (drumroll please) .................................. Paul Shaffer! Yeah, pretty anti-climactic. Now you know why Robin Sparkles went to the dark side. She just wanted to touch his small, shiny head! Is that too much for a Canadian pop star to ask? Yes, yes it is.

Best part of the episode? The Full House reunion of Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. If they could have written John Stamos in as an extra somewhere this would have been the best episode ever. If you want to see this week's episode, click here! Or here. Maybe even here. If you want to check out the exclusive video for 'P.S. I Love you', you can't. I lied again, yes you can! It's right here. Enjoy!

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