Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Girl - What Happens After the Best Kiss Ever

   THEY KISSED! Sorry, still on a high from the end of last week's episode. If you haven't heard by now that Jess and Nick kissed last week on New Girl, you must be living under a rock. In Antarctica. With no WiFi and noise canceling headphones. So what happens next? Last night, we found out. We'll get there but first I have to show you this picture:

   Yep. That's Nick and Schmidt. Wearing turbans. Cece signs up for an Indian Marriage Convention (how romantic) to find a husband. Schmidt finds out and since he's Schmidt, he signs up as well as wears that. He convinces Nick and Winston to go along with him, which isn't very hard since Nick was to stay out of the loft and avoid Jess and Winston has his mojo back from having amazing sex with Daisy (Brenda Song). Turns out Jess goes along with CeCe to avoid Nick so there goes that plan. Cece slowly realizes that smart, Indian men do not want her because they don't think she's smart and that she's impulsive. Not being able to see Cece sad, Schmidt takes the mic and tells everyone how amazing Cece is. While that makes some guys pay attention to her, Schmidt's heroic good guy act gets Cece to go home with him. She even lets him keep his turban on.

   Jess and Nick obviously are being super awkward around each other. Which, since they are already pretty awkward separately, makes for some good comedy. He keeps panic-moon-walking away from her and being at the Indian Marriage Convention together doesn't help. Even though all the exercises at the convention show that they are extremely compatible, they don't want to admit it. They keep trying to get the other person to admit the kiss meant something while denying it meant anything to themselves. Frustrated with Nick, Jess calls Sam to come join them to show Nick that she and Sam are supposed to be together and that the kiss meant nothing to her. Towards the end of the convention, Nick and Jess make a scene and makes Sam question her relationship with Nick. Jess finally tells Sam about the kiss and they break up. But not before he beats the crap out of Nick. That night, Jess just wants to drink wine and listen to Taylor Swift alone like anyone would after a break up. But Nick has to comfort her with his dancing. He admits that it felt good to have Sam be threatened by him but he really was sorry that he broke them up. They say good night with a slightly awkward hug and things start to get back to normal. Except for them still being awkward and Schmidt and Cece are hooking up again. No, wait, yeah that's pretty normal for them!

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