Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Mindy Project - The One That Got Away

   This episode is probably the most serious thing Seth Rogen has ever done. That being said, this was a great episode of The Mindy Project, especially if you like part about her where she wants her life to be a romantic comedy. This was exactly like a little 30-minute rom-com! But it was good in a non-cheesy way. That's because the episode was written by Mindy Kaling, who is an absolute genius. Anyways, yes Seth Rogen guest starred this week as Mindy's love interest, Sam, who she first met at a Jewish summer camp when she was 13. Seth did a great job in this episode. He was funny as usual but it was nice to hear him doing humor that was written by someone else and wasn't all about sex or pot. His character had more depth in this 30 mins than any movie character he's ever done; granted I haven't seen The Guilt Trip but I'm assuming it wasn't great.

    Re-connecting the way everyone does now, Mindy and Sam find each other on Facebook and decide to meet up for lunch. When Sam shows up at the office, we find out he's in the army now. Upon learning this, Morgan is his normal self, which means he is super weird, and Danny tries to be even more manly than he already is. Sam and Mindy have a great lunch but she finds out that he has to leave tomorrow to go back to Afghanistan. At first she gives up on trying to have a relationship with him for a day and getting her heart broken but then decides that is exactly what she needs to do (I told you it was a mini rom-com!). She interrupts him getting the word "ARMY" tattooed on his arm in order to tell him they need to spend the day together so he leaves before the tattoo is done, resulting in just the word "ARM" on his arm. Well at least now he can identify body parts properly. They spend the day together going to a drug store, seeing a few movies, having sex, and then he offers to fix her air conditioning, which is a window unit. For a successful doctor, I'm surprised she hasn't gotten central air. But if she didn't have a window unit, they wouldn't be able to have the best part of the episode. As Sam so leisurely sits on the window sill about to fix the unit, he falls out the window. Luckily she doesn't live on a high up floor so he lives but he does have to be taken to the hospital.

    While Mindy is living out a rom-com, Danny is living out a mild nightmare. A couple who are his patients decide to use a sperm donor and ask him to be the donor. Now any sane person would realize that that is an awful idea to donate to your own patients and then deliver your own baby. But Danny, clearly not in his right mind, says yes! I mean, duh who wouldn't want their kid to have the genes of the beautiful and talented Chris Messina but it's a bad idea! While contemplating his decision, he ends up at the hospital where Mindy has taken Sam to get checked out. It's not clear why Danny is there but I guess they can get away with it since his character is a doctor but I still wish there was an explanation. Danny explains what's going on to Mindy and she tells him he has to get out of it and ends up talking to the couple and telling them how much they don't want Danny as a donor. With that problem fixed, Mindy goes back to the hospital to check on Sam. She was hoping that the fall would cause him enough damage to delay his deployment but despite her (and Morgan's) efforts, Sam was fine. He was upset that Mindy was trying to get him to stay and he explained to her that even though he misses civilian life, he loves going over there and defending the country and helping people in need. She was called in to the office so he went with her but he had to leave and left a letter with Danny to give to her. And just like in the movies, she read the letter and was happy with how she had spent her day. She was a little sad though so Danny read aloud to her everything that was in the vending machine.

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