Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Girl - Tinfinity

    Let me start off by apologizing for not having New Girl on the blog last week. Unfortunately, my cable decided it wasn't happy and it died. But everything is fixed now and New Girl is back! To sum up the important parts of last week, Nick, Jess, and Schmidt fought over a parking space, Schmidt found out about Nick and Jess's kiss, we found out about the "No-Nail Oath" between the guys, Winston ran around town looking for a condom, Cece is back to dating that Indian guy, Schmidt kisses Jess, and Winston gets the parking spot. Oh yeah, it was not a good week for my cable to go out.

     Now to this week. Schmidt and Nick are celebrating their 10th anniversary of living together! Obviously they have to have a party and since the symbol for 10 years is Tin, the theme of their party, which is really more of a huge, unnecessary, outdoor, presidential-like party, is Tinfinity. Schmidt calls it a "Masculine Garden Party". It's pretty obvious Schmidt is more into this than Nick already. As they plan their party, Schmidt gives Nick some responsibilities, knowing he will screw them up. Nick's two orders are to get balloons and a port-a-potty. In the stress of getting the port-a-potty, Nick, being the cheap person that he is, decides to buy one instead of renting one. The one he buys looks like something out of a horror film where murderers keep the dead bodies. I'm pretty sure it also smelled that way. In the meantime, Winston introduces everyone to football star Jax McTavish (guest star Steve Howey) who Jess decides is the perfect guy to get her mind off Nick's mouth. What she doesn't know is that he is very intense about his feelings and things get pretty heavy, very fast. He also has a long hair that he wears in a bun which is gross but his muscles are nice to look at so that's a plus. Anyways, Winston tries to stop Jess from dating Jax but his efforts are no match for Jessica Day. 

    At the party, Nick shows up with his port-a-death and Schmidt reveals he got a luxury toilet just incase Nick screwed up. Nick also forgot the balloons but Schmidt didn't want them anyway and gave that responsibility to Nick knowing he wouldn't remember to get them. This plus Schmidt writing Nick's toast for him causes an obvious rift between Nick and Schmidt that is about more than toilets and balloons. They fight about why Schmidt thinks he's better than Nick and what they're even celebrating. Meanwhile, Jess and Jax have been having a good time until he starts showing his intense side. He really likes Jess and she's not exactly there yet. Turns out he not only likes her a lot, he loves her and thinks he has met his third wife. Jess literally runs away from him. Towards the end of the party, Cece's boyfriend, or maybe prospective husband would be a better word, Shivrang (played by Satya Bhabha), proposes to her in front of everyone, including Schmidt. Cece says yes and looks up at Schmidt right as he leaves. I have a feeling that this will go on for a while but she won't be able to go through with it in the end. Even though that is the predictable thing to do, I like it. 

Turns out Nick didn't completely forget the balloons. He rented a hot air balloon but didn't know you needed propane to make it fly so it was just sitting in a field. It was a great way to end the episode, showing them all celebrating together. Jess was still trying to get the thought of Nick's mouth out of her head so Nick's comments about her drinking out of the same liquor bottle as him not being a big deal just because his mouth had been on it was anything but subtle. However it made for a good laugh because Jess climbed out of the basket and ran away. 

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