Saturday, January 21, 2017

So The Prime Minister is...? This and Other Thoughts From "The Crown" Finale

The Crown from Netflix
What the what? As the first season of this Netflix hit comes to a close, it doesn't really come to a close at all. We're left with a new Prime Minister with quite an affinity for drugs, Phillip and Elizabeth's marriage on the rocks, and Peter Townsend heading back to Brussels after ending his affair with Margaret. Yeah, this whole thing was kind of a downer. But it was a downer in the best way possible! Leaving the audience feeling down was their biggest cliffhanger. We're so sad about Phillip feeling left out and less-than, we're sad about Peter and Margaret breaking up (well, some people, not me), we're freaked out about the Prime Minister sitting either passed out or dead from a drug overdose. It's such a gloomy ending that leaves us crying for more. The whole season really is gloomy but that's  only because Peter Morgan does his job right. Were this show about Americans, we would have quit halfway through the first episode. But we love (semi)biographical British pieces, we eat them up! Even though they might make us feel like crap afterwards. But we love feeling like crap because that's the story, that's London. It's grey and foggy and rainy. But we are fascinated with the monarchy that we fought so hard to get away from. And Claire Foy and Matt Smith play it beautifully. Top it all off with a title sequence sent from TV heaven and cinematography to end all shows. I can't wait for the gloom that season two brings.

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