Monday, October 15, 2012

Christina Applegate Hosts SNL

Why not start this new blog off right with my first review of my favorite show? Last Saturday night, Christina Applegate made her second appearance as host of Saturday Night Live (musical guest, Passion Pit). She was as good as I had hoped. She got into her characters and did them justice. As everyone in the country could have guessed, the cold open was a sketch about the Vice Presidential Debate, with Jason Sudeikis as Joe Biden and Taran Killam as Paul Ryan. Now as someone who watched some of the debate, it was probably more funny to me than someone who didn't watch any of it. Either way, it was a great opening. Sudeikis playing Biden, as always, was dead on, with his pompous laughter and hand gestures. As for Killam, this was one of his best performances. Starting his third season, he has proven himself to be a bigger player on the show. Not only was his voice a good impression but the face killed it. The water gag was just icing on the wonderfully crafted cake. As for the rest of the show, it was pretty normal for how this season has been going (after the loss of one of the biggest stars on the show, Kristen Wiig, and the only girl on the show that could come in second to her, Abby Elliot, the era of the girls is over and the only one showing any promise is newcomer Cecily Strong). There was a musical monologue, which is starting to feel like the default monologue for anyone who might be able to sing, which seems like every other host. It was followed by one the worst sketch ideas I've seen, The Californians, which was only saved by the cast members failing to keep a straight face and Usain Bolt in a blonde wig trying to do an over-exaggerated Californian accent. Maybe if I lived in Cali, the sketch would be funnier. Or more offensive, I'll never know. There was a decent sketch about the iPhone 5, and digs at Jerry Sandusky and the new Taken 2 movie. Weekend Update was the best bit of the show, as usual, with anchor and head writer Seth Meyers. Favorite joke of the segment: "Over the weekend, police in Philadelphia were called to a hotel after guests from two different weddings got into a huge fight. Police calmed the brawlers by encouraging everyone to shout a little bit softer now." We had a visit from Principal Frye, a returning character played by Jay Pharoah, which was the least funny Principal Frye sketch they've had, but they can still probably get a another season or two out him before it gets extremely dull. All in all, it was a decent show. However, I'm still hoping for better in the upcoming episodes. This Saturday's show will be hosted by Bruno Mars who will also be the musical guest.

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